Paper Towns Trailer Premieres & We’ve Got The Cutest Instas From The Set

If you thought the fervor over The Fault in Our Stars was a onetime deal for John Green book-to-movie adaptations, brace yourself. The trailer for Paper Towns (in theaters July 24) premiered today on the Today show and online, and fans are pumped. 
Rather than the tragic tale of kids with cancer, Paper Towns is about a boy (Nat Wolff) with a massive crush on his next door neighbor (Cara Delevingne), who turns out not to be the perfect goddess he assumed she was. It's also about the frustration and depression that arises from growing up in soulless suburbia. 
While the trailer gives us one kind of sneak peek at the movie, for the past few months, we've been reveling in another one: Instagram pictures the cast, John Green, and director Jake Schreier snapped while shooting the movie. Insta Queen Cara has some amazing photos (of course), dance videos, and a video of that time all the boys had a push-up contest in her apartment. Everyone really seems to have bonded while making this movie, making us even more eager to see how it all turns out. Take a look at some of our favorite snaps here.

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