Kristen Bell Hasn’t Overdosed On Frozen Yet

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Kristen Bell had possibly the best response ever to last week's announcement that Disney was officially making Frozen 2.  The news may have sent many parents and those of us with Elsa and Anna-obsessed nieces and nephews cowering in fear and bulk-ordering earplugs, but for Bell — who voiced plucky Princess Anna in the first film and follow-up short Frozen Fever — it was music to her ears. That's because she's possibly the one parent in America who has yet to overdose on Frozen, a fun fact she shared when we talked to her on the day of the big announcement. Bell was conveniently chatting about a new line of Frozen-branded products from Crest and Oral-B, and though we may not be their target audience, it gave us the opportunity to talk to one of our favorite celebs. Wins all around, even though nary a snowman was built that day. You recently said that your kids haven't seen Frozen, but have they ever witnessed people calling you Anna?
"We’ve actually never been exposed to that. I’m pretty territorial when I’m with my kids, and I don’t take pictures with people when my little girls are around because I don’t ever want them to think that their mom has to stop what she’s doing with them and take a picture with a stranger. I don’t ever want my girls to think anything pulls me away from them when we’re out and about. I want them to feel a priority. So, they don’t actually witness it at all, and since Frozen’s not in our household because we don’t watch TV yet, they’re completely immune to it. I actually am probably the one person in America [who hasn't] overdosed on Frozen yet because it’s never on in my house." Can you convince this adult to buy a Frozen toothbrush, though?
"I mean, yes? Unless this adult prefers tooth decay. I bet I can convince you pretty easily." Touché. Does your family have a toothbrushing song?
"We don't actually do a song during toothbrushing, but the kids are very much fans of '70s and '80s rock. A lot of Hall & Oates and Cat Stevens." You and Dax are a celebrity couple we feel like we know, but you still manage to have a private life. 
"It’s something we put a lot of time and effort into thinking about. It’s interesting because I know what my job is. I want to keep a very open personality, and I like allowing the public to see parts of my relationship with Dax that I’m very proud of, but I also have very strong boundaries. I know that when I go out in public, people will engage with me — and that's fine; it’s flattering and it’s part of my job. But, I will not ever get myself into a situation where I’m at the airport and someone says ‘Hi, Lincoln,’ to my daughter, because that would be utterly confusing for me to have to explain to her why that stranger knows who she is and is acting like they know her. I think that just having clear boundaries is something that’s really important to me." Would you ever do another Veronica Mars movie or TV show?
"Absolutely. That's a character that would never leave my marrow. It's interesting because when we were first doing it, it felt less like an empowered young female and more like it was dubbed a female who was sassy and going against the grain — which both, I suppose, are the same definition. But, I'm a pretty strong, opinionated female, so playing that character is kind of second nature." How about a Party Down spinoff about Uda Bengt?
"Oh hell yes. It would be great if Uda has the party and hires the Party Down caterers because they’re available." And she's now running a movie studio or something.
"Totally, and micromanages the Party Down caterers. I'm gonna pitch that to Rob Thomas." Great, we'll get it Kickstarted.

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