Say Happy Birthday To The World’s Oldest Cat

Imagine you're a cat who has outlived all others, nabbed a Guinness World Record, and made it all the way to the age of 27 — and they still call you Tiffany Two. Hasn't the world's oldest living cat earned the right to just be called Tiffany from now on? The black and orange short-haired cat turns 27 today, which is 125 in human years. In an interview with ABC News, San Diego-based owner Sharron Voorhees revealed that she paid $10 for the cat in 1988 after noticing a resemblance between her and the original Tiffany, who died in the '70s from cancer.  Tiffany Two, by contrast, is the picture of good health. Voorhees attributes her longevity to a "feisty" personality and "sex appeal." It seems this cat is a cougar. "She's had many boyfriends over the years," Voorhees told ABC. "One young male cat used to always run and want to see her even when she was already 13 or 14. I also used to have a big 20-pound black-and-white cat who she'd cuddle and spoon with."   Well, well. So much for those claims that staying away from men helps you live longer. Anyway, happy birthday, Tiff. What's say we plan Vegas for your Dirty 30? (Guinness World Records)

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