The Definitive Ranking Of Freaky Friday Movies

It's Friday the 13th, which means we've got superstition, luck, black cats, and crazy, madcap hijinks on the brain. Much has been said about the Friday the 13th film canon and Jason Voorhees, but we prefer our out-of-sorts Fridays with a little less spook and a lot more switcharoo. 
The body-swap genre is rife for mining, but we are gathered here on this Friday the 13th to pay homage to a very specific set of films. That's right: It's time to rank all of the Freaky Fridays. There haven't been that many, per se, but each one holds a special place in our hearts. Any and all Lindsay Lohan movies before The Canyons do, really. 
Ahead, the definitive rundown of all entries in the Freaky Friday filmic collection. Now, put your hands on your cheeks and make sure you're still you. Wait a second...MOOOMMMMM!? 

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