Barbara Walters Tells The Kardashians They Have No Talent In This #TBT Clip

Photo: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.
For anyone out there still wondering why the Kardashians are famous, note that Barbara Walters has been asking the same question since 2011. Instead of just commenting on articles about the reality TV family that just won't quit like most Internet users, however, Walters asked Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, and Kris directly to their faces. Please note that this all took place on Walters' annual "10 Most Fascinating People" special in 2011, so clearly the host thought they were compelling enough to deserve a spot on the list.  Even though she'd already named the Kardashians some of the year's most fascinating people, Walters wasn't going to ask softball questions in the interview. She went straight for the jugular.  "You don't really act. You don't sing. You don't dance. You don't have any — forgive me — any talent," Walters says to the group as they nod vacantly. One of the girls actually suggests the word talent before Walters actually throws it out there. According to The Huffington Post, which wrote about the incident after a Vine of the interview went viral yesterday, Khloé and Kim had some thoughts about the assertion that they were talentless. Specifically, it didn't matter. "We're still entertaining people," Khloé said. "I think it's more of a challenge for you to go on a reality show and get people to fall in love with you for being you, so there is definitely a lot more pressure, I think, for being famous for being ourselves," Kim added. Four years later, the Kardashians are undeniably here to stay, so let that be a lesson to entrepreneurial self-promoters everywhere: You don't need talent when you've got an entertaining personal brand. America! (The Huffington Post)

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