These Are The Best & Worst States For Women Right Now

Source: WalletHub
Pack your bags, ladies. It might be time to move. Personal-finance site WalletHub has conducted a study ranking the best and worst American states for women. The site took into consideration factors like unemployment rates, earnings, voter turnout, high-school dropout rates, and the presence of women-owned businesses. The District of Columbia was also included as a state for the purposes of the study. Based on those metrics, certain states — several of them in New England — stood head-and-shoulders above the rest. The study named Minnesota, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Hawaii, Delaware, and Wisconsin as the 10 "best states" for women. Southern states tended to fare poorly: Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, Georgia, West Virginia, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi were among the bottom 10, with Arkansas deemed the worst state for women.  
In terms of median earnings for female workers, the District of Columbia ranked highest, followed by Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, and Delaware. Connecticut, California, Montana, Oregon, and Hawaii had the lowest median income. Health was also factor in determining the rankings; though it has low median earnings and voter turnout for women, Hawaii has the highest female life expectancy at birth — and a low percentage of uninsured women. Few states' stats are purely black and white, but they might be red and blue: The study noted that blue states tended to be (surprise!) more women-friendly than red states.  Where does your state rank? More importantly, where does that leave you? Peruse the complete infographic, which highlights key findings, below. (WalletHub)

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