Nicki Minaj & Christina Milian Can’t Agree On Who Made “Fleek” Happen

Photos: Gregory Pace/BEImages; Jim Smeal/BEImages.
In a Twitter and Instagram tiff that's the exact opposite of what happened to "fetch" in Mean Girls, both Nicki Minaj and Christina Milian want to be the one who made "fleek" happen. Specifically, the phrase "pretty on fleek." Minaj first used the expression on "Feeling Myself." Now, Milian has a T-shirt and sweater line with merchandise bearing the phrase, and Minaj feels a bit slighted. The rapper voiced her concerns in an Instagram photo after she saw "Fleek by Onika" trending on Twitter. "Fleek by Onika [sad face emoji] - I saw Christina sellin tshirts that say Pretty on Fleek. I was waitin on my percentage at the door. *tilts head*," Minaj wrote in the caption of the screengrab. Milian commented on the photo that she'd "been saying #OnFleek everything for a while now." She doesn't think she owns it, though (this isn't a Taylor Swift "This Sick Beat" situation, after all). Milian pointed out that her line is called "We Are Pop Culture," and it's "more of an homage" to currently used lingo. She sort of offered to pay Minaj royalties if she thinks she deserves them, but then Minaj implied the whole thing had been a joke on Twitter.  In conclusion, Christina Milian and Nicki Minaj have buried the fleek hatchet, and we still have no idea if fetch will ever happen. Such are the mysteries of modern life. (Complex)

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