This Is The Least Active State In The Country

Yes, this winter is dragging on just as painfully as the wait for Game of Thrones. But, it appears that some heroes out there have managed to fight the urge to stay inside a blanket fort: New Fitbit data shows which states are the most active — even despite some horrible weather.  Fitbit looked at average daily step data from its users in each state, comparing stats from "summer" (July to September) and "winter" (January to March). We weather-hardened New Yorkers came out on top in both seasons, taking an average 8,807 steps per day in the warmer months and 7,734 in vortex temps. (Considering the paltry 28% of us who drive, this makes sense.) The runner-up fit states during wintry months were those where temperatures stay tolerable year-round: California and Hawaii. In sunny months, however, residents of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts climb the rankings. And, sorry West Virginia and Florida, but you ranked at the very bottom for winter and summer, respectively. Looking at the overall gradients, these rankings do somewhat match up with other lists of healthy states (hello again, Hawaii). Check out the complete results and Fitbit's full interactive map here.
Image: Courtesy of Fitbit.
Image: Courtesy of Fitbit.

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