Ellie Kemper Sums Up Social Media Perfectly

Photo by Eric Liebowitz, courtesy of Netflix.
With Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuting on Netflix next Friday, leading lady Ellie Kemper is bound to be all over the Internet this week. Just don't expect to find her tweeting, favoriting, or sharing anything herself. 

"I’m not active on social media," the Bridesmaids star told The Guardian regarding the similarities between herself and her character, who experiences the modern world after spending years in a Doomsday cult's bunker.

"It’s scary and mysterious to me for many reasons," Kemper added. "It’s like high school but for adults. It’s horrible!

"I keep waiting for something to implode, and nothing has yet. But can this selfie phase really sustain itself? It’s insane. If you were an archaeologist and you reached this point in the dig, you’d be like: ‘Why did they think they were so great?’ Everything we do, we think is amazing. It’s so strange.”  

Wait, you mean that avocado on sourdough toast we had for breakfast this morning wasn't special? Kim Kardashian's daily contouring isn't of the utmost importance? We're not actually that entertaining? 

Kemper's got a great point. We'd retweet it, but well...wouldn't that defeat the purpose? 

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