Watch The Trailer For A New Frozen Featurette

Your desire to build a snowman right now may be at an all time low, given the interminably long, cold snap during which we currently find ourselves. It's been a real winter of our discontent, one might say. There is one snowman, however, for whom you'll probably make an exception. Olaf, that charming summer-lover, is back in the trailer for this brand-new Frozen featurette. 

The adorable short is called Frozen Fever, and it's set to play before Disney's new live adaptation of Cinderella. In it, Elsa is preparing for Anna's birthday party when she comes down with a cold. And, as any Frozen fan knows, Elsa getting a cold isn't like a regular person getting one. Her colds mean long periods of snow and ice for the entire kingdom. Whatever will the gang do to save the day? I'm sure they'll figure something out and sing cute songs while doing so.

Frozen Fever features new songs from the hitmakers behind "Let It Go" and "Love Is an Open Door," so expect the children in your life to be singing them ad nauseam for months to come. Cheers!


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