70 Style Lessons From The Streets Of London

London might be the smallest of all four major Fashion Weeks, but you know what they say about things in small packages. Bringing together a strong fashion education, a rich tradition of subculture style, and its underdog status in the industry, the Square Mile's home to a sartorial climate that encourages people to dress however they want. (Lucky for us, that’s very, very well). 
London fashion has always brought contradictions and extremes, with the posh and proper sitting right across from the punks and provocateurs. And, for this season of street style, there was a coming together of the two poles, which has made for some extremely interesting outfits to look at, and even more clever style tips to mine. Ahead, find more than 70 looks from London Fashion Week that really heaped on the flair. Check 'em out, and get inspired to take some creative license with your own wardrobe.