Employees Of All Sizes Model ModCloth’s New Swimsuit Line

Last summer, ModCloth challenged the status quo as the first retailer to sign the "Heroes Pledge for Advertisers" — a set of guidelines limiting the use of Photoshop in ads. Then, the S.F.-based online retailer launched a line featuring expanded sizes with a playful campaign starring Nicolette Mason. Now, it has decided to tackle the one item that gives so many women body image issues: swimsuits.
ModCloth tapped nine of its employees across various departments to star in a new digital campaign which features staffers of all sizes wearing adorable, retro-inspired designs by Esther Williams. "I love fashion, but I don't love the message that it sends to girls and women,” ModCloth CCO Susan Gregg Koger told us. "If there's one message I'd like women to take from our campaign, it's that our bodies are diverse and that's a wonderful thing, not something to be ashamed of."
The participants are happy to be part of the changing conversation and couldn’t agree more with the campaign's message of body acceptance. "As a larger-size-fat, I have seldom shopped somewhere, especially online, and felt that I had an idea of what an item would look like on me," Ingrid Taller, a customer service advocate for ModCloth, tells us. "[It] is a no-holds-barred example of what more of our media needs."
Take a look at the inspiring gals in the gallery ahead, and here's hoping more brands follow suit.