Your Horoscope For This Week — Feb 22 2015

It’s always a plus when love knows no bounds — and with Mars and Venus synced up in passionate Aries all week, that’s pretty much guaranteed. But, pouncing on the ones we love like eager golden retrievers? Oh, no. Early this week, Saturn — the classy, disciplinarian planet — wags a finger at any gauche expressions of affection. Tone it down, stargazers. Or maybe, uh, get a room. Holding back doesn’t mean letting the fire die out. Just pile on the tinder slowly to create that slow-burning heat. Spacing out the sexting sessions and brag-worthy hookups has an extra benefit: more time to go inward, reflect, and hang tight with your spirit guides. The sun and soulful Neptune host their annual meetup on Wednesday, calling for some midweek introspection. But, first, there could be some chaos and confusion. Like shining a bright light (the sun) into fog (Neptune), we can only see what’s right in front of us — not the way-off distance. The upside to this sun-Neptune merger? It helps us embrace “the power of now” and notice all the beautiful (or beautifully flawed) aspects of life that we’ve been overlooking. Bring on the priceless moments!