Beyoncé's "Crazy In Love" Gets A Sexy Cello Cover

Even if Fifty Shades of Grey left you cold, we can all agree that the soundtrack was sizzling. The standout has to be the remix of Queen Bey's "Crazy in Love," and this looping cello cover by Dave Chen is nothing sort of flawless. You don't just need to hear it, though; the video is a must-see.

The black and white video features Chen in a dapper suit flexing his strings skills while dancer and Pilates instructor Danae Montreuil flexes her muscles on a pole nearby. Montreuil's elegant moves are the perfect accompaniment to Chen's classical interpretation of the sexy pop song and just go to show that whether you're pole dancing for work or for yourself, it takes an incredible amount of effort and style. Respect!

Dave Chen has been releasing looping cello covers of songs like "All About That Bass," "Someone Like You," and even the theme song to Too Many Cooks, which are all worth checking out. He also shoots and edits each video. Along with his day job at Microsoft, Chen hosts podcasts at Slashfilm in his spare time and produces and directs films. Stay tuned to his YouTube channel for more goodies like this in the future.  [MTV]

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