PSA: Not Every Woman Needs Attention From Men To ‘Feel Special’

Sure, hearts, chocolates and flowers are nice, but underneath the cliché of Valentine's Day is a bigger problem: the implication that women need these things, and that they need them from men. Case in point: A seemingly heartwarming story has been circulating about an Oklahoma boy who worked all summer to save up cash to buy a Valentine for all 1,076 girls in his school, according to KFOR-TV. That's every girl in his school. Don't get us wrong: We have no doubt that his heart was in the right place when he dreamt up this idea, but isn't it a little presumptuous to assume that every girl in the school wanted a Valentine? The well-intentioned Romeo, who wrote the notes anonymously but was later identified as Dan Williams, according to the station, did it so every girl would feel special. “To know that someone cares about them, that’s the best feeling in the world I think,” he explained. But, women don't need men (or any romantic partner, for that matter) to feel special, do we? We can find that with our friends (Galentine's Day!), family and within ourselves. This story struck a nerve and got us talking. So, readers, discuss. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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