South Carolina’s Only Female Senator Tired Of Sexist Jokes From Colleague

We really wish this one wasn't true. South Carolina Senator Katrina Shealy accused a fellow senator of referring to women as a "lesser cut of meat," according to The Associated Press.  Shealy, the state's only female senator, said Senator Tom Corbin made the sexist remark during a dinner on Tuesday, the AP reports. Apparently, Corbin thinks this is some sort of inside joke between the two of them. Shealy, however, is not amused, and told the AP she has repeatedly told him to stop. Corbin was reportedly  "joking" about rib meat, after saying that God made Eve from Adam's rib. Shealy has been outspoken against the rude remark, even taking Corbin to task on Twitter. "I have proven that women can effectively serve in the legislature and one of my colleagues has proven capable of talking like an idiot," she wrote on Friday, presumably about Corbin. Wait, isn't it 2015? How are these sexist comments still happening?! Especially when we have women like Hillary Clinton considering a run (maybe?) for President.  Corbin told the AP he doesn't remember offending Shealy, a Republican from Lexington, but that he'll stop.

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