Obama Quotes Kim K. In Goofiest Presidential Video Ever

Photo: REX USA.

The President has a really weird job. Sometimes, he's the leader of the Western world, slapping sanctions on Russia and sending bombers to Syria. Other times, he's like America's goofy dad dancing at a concert and embarrassing the hell out of us. 

This video — which our Commander-in-Chief just made with Buzzfeed — stars the latter. 
(If the video above isn't working, you can check it out on Buzzfeed's Facebook page.)

In it, the President makes a "Thanks, Obama" joke about himself, says "YOLO" in the most eye-roll-inducing way yet recorded, and quotes Kim Kardashian. You'll love it in spite of yourself, then walk away quietly muttering about the crumbling of the American empire. 

The video does have a purpose — a very real one, which is to remind everyone that they have until February 15 to sign up for health insurance. If you're someone who needs to sign up for Obamacare (if you have insurance from your job or your parents, this is not you), you have just a couple of days left to sign up. If you don't, you'll have to wait until next year (and pay a big fine on your taxes). 

So, America, go check out Healthcare.gov if you need insurance. Obama-Dad, pleeeease cut it out — our friends can see you.

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