Vince Vaughn Wants Men To Stop "Cutting Women Down"

Photo: c.Miramax/Everett/REX USA.

Sorry, guys, but Vince Vaughn is totally negging all over your negs. (Side note: Yes, we've read The Game. Yes, we know your petty insults are all part of your futile attempts to take us home. No, it's not happening.)

In a new interview with the March issue of Playboy, the star of True Detective season 2 clarified how his Swingers character, the lothario named Trent, differs from today's scheming pick-up artists. 

"What I love about…Trent is how much fun he has with women," Vaughn told the magazine. "It comes from a pure and positive place. Now it's such a different thing. Gaming on women has become almost like the dark arts. Like, if you're not cutting her down or using psychological tricks to make fun of her, you won't get anywhere.

"I would suggest that if you take the avenue of putting a woman down or making fun of her so she feels insecure enough to go out with you, you're ultimately screwing yourself," he added. "I mean, let's face it, if you require coaching and techniques to get a woman, it'll come out as dishonest and you'll probably end up unhappy or alone. I much prefer Trent's charming way with women to this more menacing approach you see now."   

Fellas, face it. If the guy from Swingers and Wedding Crashers thinks you're being too pervy, you've got a problem. [Playboy]

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