Left Shark Got A Commercial

Photo: Getty Images Sport.

Katy Perry is willing to share her sharks with at least some people.

Though the pop star is embroiled in a legal battle over copyright claims, she did allow her Super Bowl dancers, Left Shark and Right Shark, to appear in a clever new ad for ESPN's SportsCenter. The YouTube version, however, does have a note crediting Perry alongside Baz Halpin and Marina Toybina for the sharks' costume design. Gotta get that credit, girl. 

Alas, the actual shark dancers don't figure into the commercial. Instead, ESPN anchors Bram Weinstein and John Anderson are revealed to be wearing the fishy outfits. Not surprisingly, there's a joke at Left Shark's expense. 

Out-of-sync dancing or not, it's good to see those guys again. How long do we have to wait for the buddy sitcom to be greenlit?  

Video: Courtesy ESPN.

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