Katy Perry’s Left Shark Claim Is Our New Favorite Legal Battle

Photo: Rob Carr/Getty Images Sport.
Today in Celebrity Legal Battles: Katy Perry wants to copyright Left Shark, and one lawyer is not having it.  Legal correspondence obtained by Oh No They Didn't! reveals NYU law professor Christopher Sprigman's response to a move by the singer's legal team to prevent an Etsy designer from selling printable 3D Left Shark sculptures inspired by her Super Bowl performance. Sprigman represents the designer, Fernando Sosa, and has rejected the pop star's claim that she holds the copyright.  You can read Sprigman's argument in full below. The lawyer uses Perry's own quotes in Elle against her, and openly questions why she would want to copyright an Internet meme. 
Image: Via ONTD.
Image: Via ONTD.
Will Perry's legal team back off, or does this mean war? Do we have to stop making our DIY "Left Shark for President" T-shirts? Where does Right Shark stand? We knew we should have gone to law school.

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