Your Favorite Actors Are Also Obsessed With Serial

Chris Pine wants to know what happened in the two hours before Jay's interview was recorded. Rashida Jones is on the fence. Alison Brie thinks there's been a miscarriage of justice. Ewan McGregor just wants to know how season two can possibly compete. 

They're talking, of course, about Serial. It seems Sarah Koenig's podcast captivated much of Hollywood, so much so that Vanity Fair couldn't resist quizzing stars about their Adnan and Jay theories during Sundance. Keanu Reeves, Sam Rockwell, and Lily Tomlin may be completely out of the loop, but Jake Johnson, Greta Gerwig, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jason Sudeikis, and Sarah Silverman are hooked. Poor Jay Duplass, meanwhile, just wants to get through the interview without hearing any spoilers. Dude, catch up!

Watch the video below to confirm that some stars are just like us. Oh, and how cute is it that McGregor texted in a donation? Bet he uses Mail Chimp, too. 

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