10 Valentine's Day Lies Hollywood Has Taught Us

Forget Hallmark. It's Hollywood to blame for our complicated, overblown relationship with Valentine's Day. Judging by what we see on the big screen, we should all be spending Saturday drowning in romantic gestures. Ashton Kutcher just really, really wants to love us and every breakup is an opportunity to find our real soulmate within 24 hours. If you're really lucky, your date will truss you up like a turkey

We love a good rom-com as much as the next person, but a dose of reality would also be welcome. Not everything gets tied up in a neat little bow. Not everyone will experience a secret admirer. Rare is the joy of finding out that your seriously sexy best friend has been in love with you all this time, which is perfect timing because, now that you think about it, you're actually head over heels for him/her, too. Maybe the only thing lurking in your mailbox is a stack of bills and some flyers from your favorite pizza joint. That's okay.

Bottom line: Don't fall for these cinematic myths. Choose reality. 

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