Humans Of New York's Latest Star: President Obama

If the guy popping up on the Humans of New York Instagram feed looks familiar, it's because he's the leader of the free world. Guys and gals, allow us to introduce President Barack Obama.

How did the Commander in Chief wind up on a blog best known for interviewing random strangers encountered on the streets of New York? It's kind of a long story. 

On January 19, HONY photographer Brandon Stanton met a middle-schooler named Vidal who happened to mention his respect for his school principal, Mrs. Lopez at Mott Hall Bridges Academy. Since then, Stanton has extensively profiled the inspirational Lopez and her educators. More than $1.2 million has been raised to finance student trips to Harvard, and everyone from Robin Roberts to Ellen DeGeneres has been lining up to interview Vidal and Mrs. Lopez.

Not to be outdone, President Obama invited the crew for a pinch-me visit to the Oval Office. It only seemed fair to let Stanton get a few of his trademark HONY questions in. Below, a few highlights. 

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