Jimmy Fallon’s Saved By The Bell Reunion Was Just A Little Bit Epic

Oh, Jimmy Fallon, you shouldn't have

but we're so glad you did.

Last night The Tonight Show host brought our '90s nostalgia to a fever pitch by reuniting the cast of Saturday morning sitcom Saved by the Bell. With the exception of that naughty Screech and the much-missed Lark Voorhies (Lisa Turtle 4 Life), the main cast members were all present and accounted for: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Tiffani Thiessen, Mario Lopez, Elizabeth Berkley, Dennis "Mr. Belding" Hastings. Fallon himself joined the gang and we all marveled at how nobody looked like they'd aged a day. Must be something in that Bayside water fountain. It's not the first time Fallon's dipped his toe in the SBTB waters. He first pledged to have a cast reunion in 2009 after inviting a Zack-styled Gosselaar on his show. Nothing much happened, but we did get a California Dreams performance, so it wasn't a total wash. Kudos to Fallon for making it finally happen. Watch below for Nicole Kidman jokes, a potshot at Jessie, and Kelly Kapowski's big reveal. To quote Ms. Spano, "We're so excited."

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