Your February Horoscope, Revealed

February feels like a capsule collection of the Age of Aquarius, as the sun, Mercury (retrograde through the 11th) and a February 18 new moon pay a visit to this humanitarian, all-for-one sign. While you might not pick up a 12-string guitar and strum a protest anthem (although Eminem's "Detroit vs. Everybody" feels like a next-gen rendition), the desire for equality is upon us, especially after all the conflict of the past couple months. Valentine's Day adds its own bohemian flair, as the moon is in freedom-loving Sagittarius for most of the day. By evening, however, the moon decamps to traditional Capricorn, so don't be too quick to cancel your reservations, even if you feel spontaneous before sundown. If Cupid disappoints, wait a week: February 20 brings a rare conjunction of red-hot Venus and Mars in lusty Aries. You'll try anything once today! On February 18, the Aquarius new moon also launches the Chinese zodiac's Year of the Sheep, with a more mellow vibe than the outgoing Horse Year and its feisty fanfare.