Megyn Kelly Shuts Down Mike Huckabee's "Trashy Women" Complaint

Mike Huckabee hates "trashy" women who swear in the workplace — and he's not afraid to talk about it. But, last night, the former Republican Governor and longtime Fox News host who's now considering a bid for president, got taken to task for his views by an unlikely critic: Fox News' own Megyn Kelly. 

After listening to Huckabee for several minutes, the anchor told him how it is: "I do have news for you. We [women] are not only swearing. We're drinking, we're smoking, we're having pre-marital sex with birth control before we go to work, and sometimes boss around a bunch of men. That's just the reality, Gov." 

Huckabee replied, "Aw, I just don't want to hear that." He never clarified if it was just the swearing part making him cringe — or Kelly's whole point about women with powerful jobs (a group she's definitely in).

But, it's safe to assume he objects to most of it. Huckabee is the type of Republican who likes to imagine two Americas: a proper and traditional America were men marry women and nobody swears, and a godless, gunless America, where the culture is coarse and women curse. In his new book God, Guns, Grits, and GravyHuckabee writes about his disdain for the vulgarity he saw in NYC — but he's very clear that it's the cursing women that really got to him.

"In New York, not only do the men do it, but the women," he said in an earlier interview. (The women! Can you imagine?)

The former Governor is no stranger to criticism for his remarks around gender: In 2014, he told the RNC that Democrats (or more specifically, the government, who he calls "Uncle Sugar") want to give women birth control because "they cannot control their libido." 


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