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Emma Watson Has Some Amazing Gender Equality Advice

Photo: BEImages/Matt Baron.
Emma Watson's championing of the #HeForShe campaign and gender equality didn't end with the speech she gave at Davos. She continued her impassioned work for the cause with at Twitter Q&A, during which she answered questions from both men and women about how we can be doing more to achieve gender parity.  "How do we overcome unintended biases by well meaning gents? Is awareness key?" @Kimberly_2010 asked. "Give them a well intentioned but meaningful response. : ) Awareness IS key," Watson replied.  When @grygiel noted that #HeForShe was a catchy name, but it promotes a gender binary that excludes a lot of people, Watson responded, "I don't believe in a binary I believe that we all exist on a spectrum and all deserve equality. I hope people do feel included." Does Watson believe that women should be allowed on the front line in the military? "Whatever the job is  — if she can do it, she should be able to," she tweeted.  Watson encouraged men and women dealing with discrimination and sexism not to give up, and to speak up if people around you are ignorant about gender equality. "Tell them how [important] it is for you," she encouraged.  In perhaps the most kick-ass and empowering exchange, Watson told Twitter user @lordvoldemot not to listen to anyone discouraging her from a "man's profession" like engineering. 
In other words: Just do it. There's nothing stopping you, and Emma Watson has your back.

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