Selena Gomez Bowls With Zedd, But Is It A Bieber Diss?

The more Selena Gomez and her new music collaborator Zedd continue to hang out, the more it seems like those dating rumors are true. Do you and your coworkers conversate like this? Or pose like this?  Anyway, Zelena went bowling earlier this week. Perhaps it was to inspire some sick beats. We hear slipping on polished floors in rented lace-ups really gets the creative juices flowing.  On the other hand, it might have been a romantic outing because bowling alleys are fun date spots. (Why doesn't anyone bowl anymore?) Justin Bieber, Gomez's former fling, spent an entire music video hitting the lanes and trying to get a girl to like him. Was this Zelena sighting a direct reference to that? (Short answer: Nah.) Or, were they just, you know, hanging out? Let's spare the speculation and agree on the latter. Gomez looks happier than ever. Where's the harm in that?

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