Taylor Swift Hates Mercury In Retrograde Just As Much As You Do

Everyone can agree that mansplaining is the worst. Swiftsplaining, on the other hand, is something we can definitely get behind. We've known for a while now that Taylor Swift is a firm believer that things get a bit out of whack when Mercury is in retrograde. "#mercuryGETOUTOFRETROGRADE," she hashtagged a tweet back in October. Not everyone knows what that means, though, so MTV had Swift explain it

"When Mercury is in retrograde, basically that means that everything is going to be completely wrong and messed up and miscommunicated," Swift explained in a helpful video. If your phone breaks, it's not your fault. Nor is your flight getting delayed. "You can't blame yourself. You just have to blame Mercury, cause it's just hella in retrograde."

Thank you, Taylor Swift, patron saint of explanations that use Bay Area slang. Everyone be careful out there while Mercury appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. Try to avoid getting too hyphy. (MTV)


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