Aubrey Plaza Tells Us Pretty Much Everything In New Interview

You know Aubrey Plaza as April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation. Until February 1, however, the actress is taking her deadpan-style delivery to Newcastle. The beer brand chose Plaza as its spokesperson for a campaign called Band of Brands. In Newcastle's opinion, Super Bowl ads cost way too much money for smaller brands to possibly purchase advertising space. So, why not have a bunch of them come together and share Newcastle's ad space?

Except, if you know Ludgate's character, you can imagine she's a pretty reluctant spokesperson. So, we took her to a bar, played a game of quarters, and asked her a bunch of weird questions. Below, Plaza tells us how Chris Pratt sometimes does her makeup. Oh, and that she may or may not challenge Kenny G to a sax contest. See? We weren't kidding. Everything.

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