Keri Russell & Jimmy Fallon Took Flip Cup To The Next Level

Jimmy Fallon and Keri Russell don't mess around when it comes to flip cup. They take it very, very seriously. The round they played last night on The Tonight Show, however, was no ordinary college frat-party showdown. To up the ante, the two donned matching inflatable suits to shorten their wingspans and increase their body mass. Needless to say is was a game for the ages.
Also, it turns out Russell is extremely competitive. Once she finished booty shaking with her opponent and pulled herself together, it was game on. When Fallon inched ahead, she skipped a cup and chucked it at him instead. Is this how she behaves when someone invites her to partake in a friendly game? Sheesh. Keri Russell, who knew?
In the end, all was fair in love and flip cup. The game was basically a tie, and the two inflated competitors hugged it out. We'd gladly invite either one of them to be on our team the next time we stumble into a game.

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