SNL‘s Justin Bieber Parody Restores Our Faith In Humanity

Given the trauma Justin Bieber has put us through — the insufferable music, the gratuitous selfies, the close-ups of his trash 'stache — we're not going to complain when someone takes him down a peg. And, when that "someone" is Saturday Night Live's comedic angel Kate McKinnon, we're even happier.
Complete with tattoos, pompadour, and Biebs' trademark come-hither eyebrows, McKinnon skewered pretty much everything that squicked us about the original Calvin Klein ads starring Biebs. Like Bieber's weirdly mannequin-like bulge and the way he got all handsy with Lara Stone (as if). Okay, she maybe went a little hard on Bieber being short — that's not his fault, McKinnon! But, his douchery is totally fair game.
According to a no doubt totally reliable "source close to Selena Gomez," Bieber's ex thought the spoof was "hysterical," and "couldn't stop laughing," reports Hollywood Life.  Bieber himself Tweeted about the sketch, "well played. Lol." We're told he then retreated to the comments on his Instagram and Vine to assure himself that he's totally handsome and beloved and funny and not at all padding.

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