Watch Girl Hilariously Mistake Target Shopper For Kylie Jenner

When you make a mistake, the best thing you can do in life is own it. And that's what Vine user Bailey Elizabeth does after approaching a stranger with Kylie Jenner-esque hair in the beauty aisle at her local Target. 
Because you can't approach a celebrity without your iPhone camera on, she taped the scene as she approached not-Kylie (who, in Bailey's defense was sporting almost the same hair color that Kylie recently debuted), saying "Um, excuse me. Are you Kylie Jenner?"
The girl turned and deadpanned, "No."
Bailey could have deleted the video and gone on with her life without sharing her Target run-in with not-Kylie, but in the name of comedy — or just owning up to how silly we can all be when we think we see someone famous — she posted the Vine.
The only way this could be cuter is if not-Kylie's friend had said, "No, it's Becky."

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