If Luxury Brands Took Over The Grocery Store…

We wouldn't call ourselves label whores, per se, but we're hardly immune to their appeal. To wit: compliment our boots, and we'll be the first to tell you they're a 90%-off Céline score. But, one place we don't get too fancy is in the grocery store. Springing for the Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Trader Giotto's is about as upscale as our food purchases get, and that still costs less than most closet bargains.
Israeli artist Peddy Mergui envisions a different world — one in which the fashion set's label mania has indeed infiltrated our grocery stores, leaving us with Versace-branded eggs (in a sleek black carton, thanks very much), and eggshell-blue Tiffany-brand yogurt. You know, for when you care to slurp the very best.
Click ahead for more of Mergui's luxury shopping list. Here's hoping the label freaks who looted the Chanel grocery store back in March don't strike again. (AdWeek)

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