Your Horoscope For This Week — Jan 18 2015

Illustrated by Emily Forgot.
This week’s starmap smells like team spirit — but there could also be some drama coming. On Tuesday, the sun begins its annual sojourn through collaborative, community-oriented Aquarius. Banding together to make a difference in the world? That’s what Aquarius energy is all about! Hey, both Oprah and Bob “One Love” Marley were born under this sign. We’ll feel this solar power until February 18, an excellent time for collective efforts with savvy, future-thinking people. There is also a new moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, which will help us be more inclusive and open-minded when picking members of our teams.
There’s just one problem. On Wednesday, messenger Mercury turns retrograde — also in Aquarius — until February 12, crossing wires and causing some communication breakdowns. Rallying the troops could feel like herding cats and in-fighting could break out. Not fun at all. Aquarius governs technology and Mercury retros are notorious for causing meltdowns with gadgets and digital devices — hello, double whammy. Back up all important data, lock your phone in the glove compartment while you’re driving, and save the sexy Snapchats for Valentine's Day, when you won’t run the risk of sending them to your boss instead of your partner (gulp).

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