We Tested Ben & Jerry’s Exciting New Flavors

Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.
It's a big day for those with a sweet tooth: Ben & Jerry's newest line of core flavors is officially on the market. These are by no means your average fudge- or caramel-cored creations. Bricks of cookie butter — in cult-favorite flavors like peanut butter or chocolate — form the nuclei of these pints. In other words, you'll be spooning into a decadent hybrid of cookies and ice cream.
Now that we've got you all worked up, it's time to find out whether these new kids on the block taste as heavenly as they sound. In the name of journalism, we hosted an office focus group to find out R29ers' thoughts on the newest members of Vermont's finest. From our suggested wine pairings to what type of boyfriend each of them reminds us of, read on for our anonymous (but honest!) musings on the flavors.
Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.

Boom Chocolatta! Cookie Core
"There's a lot going on here: Fudge flakes, coffee, caramel, and a cookie core. It's no doubt delicious, but perhaps in smaller doses."

"This would be the ideal binge for when I'm bawling my eyes out. The fudgy, chocolatey center seems to be telling me that everything's gonna be okay."
"Before tasting it, I assumed it would be a super-sweet, milk chocolate type of swirl. But, the sweetness is actually pretty mellow. Dark cocoa fans won't be disappointed."
"Would I replace my boyfriend with this ice cream? The answer is yes."
"I'm gonna have to disagree with you on that one: It's hard on the inside and soft on the outside. Kind of like the guy with a dark secret, the type that won't call you back but is fun to go out with for a fling."
"This would be great with a Moscato or an ice wine. Dessert Riesling would also work well. Since this ice cream isn't too sweet, it could stand up to a wine with a good amount of residual sugar."
Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.

Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core
"I would love to have this with freshly baked apple pie."

"It reminds me of childhood: Sneaking a spoonful of grandma's cookie dough before it goes in the oven."
"This ice cream is like a mysterious Dutch foreign-exchange student — the cookie recipe came from the Netherlands, after all — who wears J.Crew sweaters and always keeps you guessing."
"I could see myself eating a whole carton of this — if I had a bottle of sherry next to me. The nuttiness of a fino or an amontillado would go great with the sophisticated flavor."
Photo: Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's.

Peanut Buttah Cookie Core
"It kind of reminds me of the Do-si-dos Girl Scout cookies — which is a good thing."

"This is your reliable boyfriend Ted: A really sweet guy who always picks you up at the airport, but not super exciting at the end of the day."
"It's sweet but not too overwhelming. Like a big hug."
"I'd happily eat this with an off-dry Riesling or even an oaky Chardonnay with butter and baked notes. Because peanut butter and butter? Yes, please."
"I'd kill peanut butter, eff chocolate, and marry Speculoos."

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