Is This Channing Tatum’s Sex Playlist Or What?

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.
Sex playlists: we've all got one — or two, depending on the mood. Some may feature Marvin Gaye and others, Jeremih. Channing Tatum's allegedly has Lil’ Wayne.
If Defamer is to be believed, YouTube user PoeticalMotion is Channing "Magic Mike" Tatum. Over the course of about five years, PoeticalMotion has liked only four videos — one of them being a 45-minute playlist called "2014 Sex Songs Mix Bedroom Magic." Could this be the playlist the Channing Tatum listens to while he "channings all over the tatum?" Based on the other three videos (a bare knuckle fight, some strange Parkour moves, and a Jodeci video), it probably is because those are things Channing Tatum/PoeticalMotion would enjoy watching.
The alleged boot knocking playlist — complete with Rihanna and a song called "Wet The Bed" — is below. If only MTV Cribs was still around so everyone would know exactly where the magic happens when Magic Mike performs a magical wand trick to the "Bedroom Magic" playlist. Presto! Change out of those clothes, indeed. (VH1)

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