10 Ways To Cheer Up In London

Holly Golightly called it the mean reds; but, most people know it as the winter blues — when everything in front of you simply looks grey. And, it's right around this time of year that things can seem particularly bleak.
Of course, it doesn't have to be that way. Sure, the days are miserably short, the weather's crap, and everyone's being crabby because they're detoxing and hating it. Do they have to bring you down with them? No. Can you get through the next couple of months without being mopey and depressed? Yes. Are we going to tell you how? We were just getting to that.
From out-of-the-box workouts to playful events, these London activities will cheer up even the most hardened cynic. So, go ahead and wipe that sour puss look off your face NOW.

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