It’s Day 1 & This Senator Already Has A Black Eye

A newly elected Congress returned to Capitol Hill today, and one of its most powerful members already looks like he's taken a beating — a very literal beating. Sen. Harry Reid, a Democrat from Nevada, released a YouTube video this afternoon in which he chats about his first day back, sporting a slouchy cardigan — and a massive black eye.
Reid — who often seems like America's goofy-yet-lovable grandfather — previously served as the Senate Majority Leader, but is now number two thanks to the Republican win in the fall. Since the takeover, the political press has been full of fighting metaphors about how the Dems and the GOP are going to spend the next two years at odds — which makes Reid's black eye too hilariously perfect to ignore.
In the video, Reid — a former boxer — claims that he hurt himself exercising at home. "I didn’t get this black eye by sparring with Manny [Pacquiao], by challenging Floyd Mayweather, I didn’t go bull riding, I wasn’t riding a motorcycle — I was exercising in my new home," he insisted. Reportedly, he got hit in the face with a resistance band.
Sure, we believe that. After all, the first rule of Congressional Fight Club...

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