3 Celeb Couples Who See Your Break-Up Rumors & Raise You Romantic Vacation Photos

No one truly knows what goes on in someone else's relationship. Yet we tend to think we do when it comes to a couple comprised of two celebrities, however. Combine that with the media's ever-present thirst for evidence of trouble in paradise, and any person venturing out without a wedding ring is apt to show up next to a headline crying, "Trouble in paradise?!"
There's no need for celebrities to respond to accusations about what's going on in their private lives. Nevertheless, the clamor sometimes proves too deafening for some to ignore. Take Adele, for instance, who refuted a recent round of breakup rumors on Twitter.
These three famous couples choose to take a slightly different route. It's a much more indirect one, but the photos always seem to appear in close proximity to headlines heralding their demise. When the tabloids start crying breakup, Ariana Grande and Big Sean, Karlie Kloss and Joshua Kushner, and Beyoncé and Jay Z take to Instagram for some extremely scenic rebuttals.

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