Goes Rogue: What’s Going On?

Update: This story was first published on January 21, 2014, during the last big snowstorm in NYC. In honor of Blizzmaggedon 2015, we've decided to revisit our favorite WTF posts on and share some more of it's strange, scary, and entirely un-related-to-weather content. Give yourself a break from storm updates and check out such classics as "Too CUTE For Extinction" and "Are You A Hyper Sweater?" Merry snow day, everyone!
New York City is in the middle of a snowstorm, and while the children of our fair city wait patiently in geometry class for that early-dismissal announcement, the rest of us are at work, begrudging them. On days like this, we spend about 60% of our day checking the weather for updates on just how crappy our commute home will be. But, lately, we've noticed a little more than weather on More exciting than the snow are the alarming videos posted as (somehow) related content above the forecast.
Sometimes it's just a bizarre headline on a somewhat weather-related topic, i.e. "What Escaped From These Arctic Ice Cracks?!" We're with you there. (Also, seriously, what escaped?) Other times, we can't quite fathom just why this video is on For instance, "She Died Hours After Her Wedding!" seems a little, well, off. We're not sure when and why the site hired this exciting (and excited!) new video team, but we're more than a little fascinated. Here are some of the weirdest selections that drew our eyes away from the actual forecast and pushed us down the rabbit hole that is If you too are at your desk, resenting the children of the world, consider this your snow day.

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