Why Dog Owners Should Never, Ever Leave Home

Note: This story was originally published on December 28, 2014.
If you needed a reason to never, ever go out again, this is it. A man with a GoPro attached the camera to his dog while he left the house for the day to see what the little guy gets up to, and it turns out there's at least three minutes and 47 seconds of despair (hopefully for the rest of the day, the dog was just napping or, better yet, hanging with the human). Though, on the bright side, the overwhelming excitement your pooch feels when you get home probably wipes the lonely memories of the day from his or her brain faster than you can say "dinnertime," right?
So, are you home right now? Do you have a dog? Well, now you know that your dog is probably crying right now, not having the secret dog party you imagine goes down whenever you leave (that's when other dogs come over for some bum sniffing and maybe chasing).
Nope, your dog is running frantically from door to window, looking and waiting for you. Whining. Not even slightly distracted by your beautiful Christmas tree, your dog is super sad.
Finally, your sad exhausted dog will collapse on the bed in a fit of ennui. Until you come home and the cycle begins again.

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