Ariana Grande’s Britney Spears Impression Is Uncanny

If the whole "world's biggest pop star" thing doesn't work for Ariana Grande, she has another potentially lucrative career to fall back on. As it turns out, the "Love Me Harder" singer is a supremely talented impressionist — to add to that whole singing thing.
In a series of self-shot videos, Grande impersonates everyone from Britney Spears to a baby goat. Though the videos have been floating around online for some time, we now have them packaged together in a convenient little supercut. Our personal favorite is, without a doubt, Grande's take on Britney Spears, which is so spot on we're still not convinced that the diminutive singer isn't actually Britney Spears. In fact, if Grande's brother Frankie wasn't in the frame, we'd be willing to bet our entire stash of Christmas cookies that it actually is Spears — wearing the most remarkable Ariana Grande mask ever created.
Grande also does a pretty mean Shakira and totally slays the crying baby impression, but comparing them to her Britney is like comparing Mount Everest to that little hill in the back of my parents' house that I used to roll down when I was a little kid.
Grande has become so famous, and has such a distinct singing style, that it's only a matter of time before a new young upstart wows us with her Grande impression — before achieving superstardom herself. And, we expect that cycle to continue until the end of all things because celebrities impersonating other celebrities is a metaphor for the infinite universe...or something like that.
(The Huffington Post)

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