The Science Of Generosity — Here’s Why It Feels So Good To Give

Illustrated by Julia Sadler.
It's gift-giving season. Sure, the people receiving them appreciate it. It turns out that being generous can give you a boost, too.
A new report from app-maker Happify breaks down the science-backed benefits of giving and receiving gifts. For instance, one study published in 2009 suggested that being on the receiving end of generosity can trigger a release of oxytocin, a hormone commonly associated with feelings of love and trust. From there, recipients were actually more likely to be generous to other people. Which causes a sort of chain of giving and paying it forward.
Interestingly, we feel these effects whether we're giving to a loved one or a complete stranger. To learn more about why it feels good to give, check out the full infographic below.
Image: Courtesy of Happify.

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