These Are The Most-Searched Exercises Of 2014

Photographed by Nathan Martin; Illustrated by Austin Watts.
With our list of this year's most searched-for foods, we've already got an idea of where our health-conscious minds were in 2014. (Thinking about bananas, for one thing.) Google has now shared our most-searched exercises for this year — just to add a little more to the big fitness picture. And, there's not a squat in sight.
While we admit we're often more likely to lounge than lunge, we were quite impressed to see the moves that made the list. At the very top, somewhat surprisingly, we have the not-so-straightforward "Russian twists exercise" (check out our tutorial here). This enigma is followed by quite a few equally intriguing ideas involving "infinity bars," starfish, and even Aquaman. Note that, in order to be a top search, an exercise is probably both popular and conceptually, uh, hard to figure out. Here are the other winners.

1. Russian Twists Exercise

2. Reverse Crunches Exercise

3. Lunges Exercise

4. Leg Lifts Exercise

5. Hip Thrust Exercise

6. XBX Exercise

7. Spartan Exercise

8. Alphabet Exercise

9. Heel Touch Exercise

10. Infinity Bar Exercise

11. Russian Chair Exercise

12. Abs Standing Exercise

13. Belly Burner Exercise

14. Exercise On Trampoline

15. Ballet Exercise

16. Hamstring Strength Exercise

17. Starfish Exercise

18. Aquaman Exercise

19. Hot Foot Exercise

20. Dip Bar Exercise


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