These Variables Have Nothing To Do With Work, But Still Affect Your Paycheck

Photographed By Ruby Yeh.
In a perfect world, everything at work (how we're treated, what we're paid, whether we get a nice office) would be determined entirely by our performance. Sadly, it is well-known that there are plenty of things that can hold us back at work, from our gender to our education. But, what are some of the less likely aspects about ourselves that play into our paycheck? Shape has the answers.
One very bizarre example is that the length of your name has an effect on how much you're paid. Career site TheLadders conducted a survey that found that the longer your name, the smaller your salary. The difference between going by "Samantha" as opposed to "Sam" was not small, either — with each letter added onto a name, a $3,600 drop in salary occurred.
In the same vein of things out of your control, studies have found that taller women earn more than women of average height. Shape goes into detail about what else about our appearance might bring down our salaries, in news that we kind of already knew but didn't need to hear.
Click through to Shape for the lowdown on what other unexpected things might be factoring into your salary. (Shape)

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