The Definitive J Lawr Boyfriend Checklist

Photo: BEImages/Jim Smeal.
When MySpace was a thing, your page was basically two things: your Top Eight and a boyfriend application. Though now an outdated system, the application had the right idea. Surely there's a checklist for the kind of guys you want to date.
No one could use this checklist more than Jennifer Lawrence, who's now rumored to be dating director Gabe Polsky. The New York Daily News has all kinds of solid evidence to prove their courtship.
To make all dating rumors surrounding Lawrence easier to navigate, we've created this five-point checklist. If the guy meets like four of the criteria, he's probably her boyfriend.
1. Does he live in L.A.?
Man in question should have a Los Angeles home at which Ms. Lawrence can be photographed entering and exiting five hours later.
2. Does her dog like him?
According to the Daily News, Lawrence's dog quite literally ran into the street upon arrival at Polsky's home.
3. Does he share her affinity for pizza?
The same Daily News report indicates the actress and Polsky had not one, but two separate pizza deliveries during their hangout session.
4. Is his first name, like, four or five letters long?
Nick, Chris, Liam, Gabe. Checks out.
5. Is he cute — but not as cute as her bodyguards?
Kind of like how you don't wanna be the most attractive person in your building.

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