10-Year-Old Fan Makes Justin Timberlake Cry A River During Concert

We already know Justin Timberlake can easily get emotional. After all, he had a song called "Cry Me a River." We also know that he's not above stopping concerts to recognize fans. He did just that during a show in Brooklyn this past Sunday — and what happened next made J.T. lose it onstage.
Timberlake noticed a nattily dressed young fan and stopped the show to ask how old he was. "You're 10. You've been watching me since you were two," Timberlake said when he learned the boy's age. The fan also brought Timberlake the perfect present: a bow tie. The youngster started to cry when he presented it to the singer — which caused Timberlake to choke up as well.
"Greatest gift ever...'cause a gentleman can never have too many bow ties," Justin said. "I might have to wear that on Christmas Day. I love you, kiddo." He then had to go to the back of the stage to collect himself. "You're the coolest dude here," Timberlake told his young fan when he returned from being verklempt.
Watch the sweet exchange below, and join us as we wonder what would have happened if it had not been a bow tie, but a baby gift, as an off-screen commenter suggested when the gift was handed over. Drama!

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