Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, & Rihanna Troll YA Fans With Fake Movie Trailer

Here's one way for Sony to deflect attention from all the awful revelations coming from its hacked emails: Send out a fake trailer that's tailor-made to go viral, starring Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Rihanna. After watching this sneak-peek at the melodramatic YA spoof MoonQuake Lake, we're also counting the minutes until there's some kind of Twilight fan backlash.
"Proud to unveil our next project... Catch a sneak peek when you see #AnnieMovie in theaters December 19th," 22 Jump Street director Phil Lord tweeted Saturday afternoon, with a link to the project's official site.
Once there, users are blasted with the (we hope intentionally) awful sound of Sia and Beck doing impersonations of a Caribbean cruise band. It's a hilarious contrast to the movie's melodramatic tagline, complete with random capitalization: "When you have no Choice, How do you Choose?"
The trailer features Kutcher uttering some Edward Cullen-worthy lines, like, "Things happen for a reason," along with the copious fog and washed-out colors we've come to associate with trailers from the Twilight saga and its ilk. With glowing tears, Kunis complains of her plight, that she has to go back to the moon every night.
"What if one night you go to the moon and there's an asteroid or something?" Kutcher asks, slightly slipping into his typical bro mode, as Kunis replies, ever so seriously, "Then I will die."
In the midst of all this, Rihanna emerges from the swamp like a creature from Pirates of the Caribbean, looking gorgeous and slithery but otherwise without any real purpose. She makes us wish Sony had sprung the cash to have her sing that silly cruise song.
All of this is in the grand tradition of releasing a fake trailer that will appear in a real movie, this time, Annie. Sure, it doesn't top the fake films previewed in Tropic Thunder and Grindhouse, but it's probably a good diversion for a grownup dragged in to see a kids' movie against their will. (Deadline)

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