We Need To Talk About Snooki's Etsy Store

Have you visited Nicole's Craft Room on Etsy yet? Because we need to talk about it. Seriously.
Newlywed Snooki (a.k.a. Nicole LaValle) launched a craft store just in time for the holidays, and if you've ever wanted to commemorate a true friendship like Snook's and JWoww (why two w's Jenni? Why?) with a custom designed mug or stemware, look no further.
There is so much emotion here. Love. Friendship. Cats. In one Etsy store. It's magical.
But, like everything you've ever truly wanted in life, it's there but it's just out of reach. You can't have Snooki's crafts.
They are sold out. The store is sold out.
"EVERYTHING IS SOLD OUT! Getting Xmas orders out, open soon! Check back!"
We will check back Snooki, we will.

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